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Artist Bio

Ted Z and the Wranglers is a band hailing from Southern California, known for their unique blend of Americana, rockabilly, and roots rock music. The band was formed by frontman Ted Zakka in 2012. With Ted Z at the helm, the musical collective have cultivated a distinct sound that pays homage to the rich musical traditions of the American West while infusing it with modern energy and flair. As a songwriter, guitarist, and vocalist, Ted Z brings a raw authenticity to the group's music, drawing inspiration from his own experiences. His gravelly, whisky-drenched vocals and passionate delivery are trademarks of the group's sound. The Wranglers, consisting of Jackson Leverone (lead guitar, vocals), Marcos de la Cruz (drums, vocals), Henry Clift (bass guitar, vocals), and James Hamilton (guitar, vocals), provide the perfect musical backdrop for Ted Z's evocative storytelling. With their tight rhythms, explosive guitar solos, and soulful thick vocal harmonies, the band adds depth and texture to Ted Z's songs, creating a sound that is both timeless and contemporary.

Since their formation, Ted Z and the Wranglers have built a loyal following with their electrifying live performances and catchy Americana tunes. Sharing bills with heavy hitters including Lynyrd Skynyrd and Steppenwolf among others, the band brings their relentless energy and passion to every show. 

Their first label release Ghost Train was recorded at Yellow Dog Studios in Wimberley, Texas and produced by Monte Byrom (Big House, Eddie Money). The 11 track album received acclaim from the likes of PopMatters and catapulted them into the spotlight. Their 2019 album release Southland was featured in Billboard, with the outlet praising  their music as "a foot-stomping honky tonk revival". 

2024 will see the release of the band's brand new album Kerosene. The album is a continuation of the evolution of their songwriting, incorporating more rock elements while staying true to their sound. Ted Z shares, "I believe that this album is our best work thus far.  It offers moments of contemplation but is also a fun and cohesive sonic ride. We want our listeners to be able to spin the entire album and feel a full gamut of emotions. It took a few years to finish this project, but that let us road-test these songs and grow together as a band, and I think you can hear that in the arrangements and performances." The full length was recorded and mixed by drummer Marcos de la Cruz at Firefly Music Studio in Orange County, California. Leading single "Right That Wrong" is a twist on a classic love story, incorporating a call to action for the lovers to live in the moment and understand the fleeting nature of their existence. "The song ignites the heart's desire to follow our passion and take a chance on chasing dreams," proclaims Ted Z. 

Ted Z and the Wranglers are planning an extensive US and European tour to support the album release. With their unmistakable sound and undeniable talent, they continue to captivate audiences and earn critical acclaim wherever they go. Whether they're performing classic favorites or debuting new material, one thing is certain: Ted Z and the Wranglers are here to stay, leaving their mark on the American music scene one unforgettable song at a time.

Press Reviews

Ted Z and The Wranglers new single "Guests on Sunday Morning" premiering exclusively below is twist on a conventional Sunday morning standard.” - Gary Graff

Billboard Magazine

...the Wayfarer was just waiting for a band like Ted Z and the Wranglers to offer up some more legitimacy to the bar's name....The band's mustachioed frontman Ted Zakka wasn't shy about getting the audience nice and loose as they commenced some tightly spun rock-tinged country tunes.... With the right balance between rowdy party songs and slow balladry, Ted Z and the Wranglers created a barn burner inside the Wayfarer that seemed well worth the trip. ” - Nate Jackson

OC Weekly

This album exhibits Zakka's growing abilities as a songwriter with his powerful almost mythical ability to bring a song to life. ” - Steve Donofrio

OC Weekly

It’s their brand of grassroots, southwestern country-folk that sets them apart... there’s an introspective feel to their music, a manner in which inspires thought and reflection. Not content to remain sonically low key, however, their music also spans grittier rock ‘n’ roll, making them a well-rounded group of musicians and artists. ” - Vickye Fisher

For The Country Record

If there's such a thing as a high-functioning rock band, Ted Z and the Wranglers are it. Since getting serious as a band a couple of years ago, they've been on a creative tear...” - Adam Levinus

OC Weekly

OC Music ShowCase Article

OC Music Showcase Article

Teds latest interview dicussing upcoming album and life during quarantine.

Billboard Magazine Article

billboard Magazine article

Check out the Billboard Magazines Article about our latest album, Southland.

OC Weekly Article

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